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Water transfer printing, also known as Hydrographics, and Hydroprinting, is the new alternative to customisation and printing, with carbon fibre and animal print being the most popular designs of choice. We offer over 300+ designs off the shelf with an unlimited choice of paints, and colour pallets to create a truly unique product!

We also offer Flocking services that can be used for interior design, visual merchandising, and automotive. Our quality of service is second-to-none and we offer our bespoke services to any industry. We can print on almost any item and material – if you have an idea, get in touch and make that idea a reality!


We create an endless amount of customisation to enhance consumers’ experiences within retail. Visual merchandising at its best!

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So you have a really cool idea but you are not sure how to get it in motion, contact us and see how we can make your project a reality.

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We are more then happy to work alongside large businesses and organisations, offering a truly unique product for your customers.

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The UK's number 1 for Hydrographic services

Thousands of creative ideas, unlimited paint colours and 300+ designs to choose from!

Customise your bike, including fenders, alloys, mudguards, and panels.
Product Merchandising
Retail is all about visual merchandising, got an idea? Contact us.
Hydrographics for Cars… Interior trims, dash boards, and more!
Customise your home with Flock or our spectacular patterns.
Bored of your gun? Try one of our cool camouflage patterns.
Stand out from the rest with a customised gamepad.
Try one of our Carbon prints or maybe skulls for your alloys.
Vases & Ornaments
Bored of those dull looking ornaments? Bring them to life.

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We’ve worked alongside some big name brands over the years and this has enabled us to better understand Hydrographics and Flocking – this further enables us to deliver a quality and outstanding service and product. Being the supplier of choice in our field, customisation is in our nature and we can deliver top notch results!

We are able to liaise direct with your creative and VM teams to come up with something meaningful and intuitive for your products, displays, and most importantly, your customers!

Currently working in partnership with Selfridges, Kesslers, and Brompton, we are developing new ideas, designs and concepts to move forward into 2019.

Our incredibly skilled and experienced team offer exceptional quality with quick turn around times, durable and realistic designs and cost effective solutions.

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