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Water transfer printing, also known as Hydrographics, and Hydroprinting, is the new alternative to customisation and printing, with carbon fibre and animal print being the most popular designs of choice. We offer over 300+ designs off the shelf with an unlimited choice of paints, and colour pallets to create a truly unique product!

We also offer Flocking services that can be used for interior design, visual merchandising, and automotive. Our quality of service is second-to-none and we offer our bespoke services to any industry. We can print on almost any item and material – if you have an idea, get in touch and make that idea a reality!



Retail VM

We create an unlimited choice of customisation to enhance consumers' experiences within retail. Visual merchandising at its best!

Got an idea?

So you have a really cool idea but you are not sure how to get it in motion, contact us and see how we can make your project a reality.


We work alongside large corporate organisations, clients, and businesses offering a truly unique product and service for your customers.

The UK’s number 1 for customisation services

Thousands of creative ideas, unlimited paint colours and 300+ designs to choose from!


Hire us for your next retail project, turn your idea into a reality.


Customisation for cars, bikes, vans and more. Choose from unlimited options.


Stand out from the rest with customised tech and gadgets.

Interior Design

Customised, and bespoke interiors for commercial, home, and more.


Visual Merchandising

Creating stunning and engaging retail displays for your customers.

Film, Theatre & TV

Choose our services for set design, stage for the unique twist on design.


Outsourcing? Use Prestige for that unique edge on design with unlimited choices.

Design Agencies

Want to outsource work to a leading company? Work with us on your next project.

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What they say...

Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Rated 5/5

From initial concept design to completed custom works, Prestige have provided a high quality, professional and proficiently fast service.

For the ‘Selfridges rocks Christmas’ displays we required quick lead times, expert finishes and excellent communication, a challenge that didn’t faze the staff at Prestige impressing us with their expertise and professional demeanour.

Here at Selfridges-Trafford we pride ourselves on creating visual displays that amaze and innovate and are looking forward to a strong working relationship with Prestige in the future.
Selfridges Trafford Centre
VM Department
At Kesslers, we require excellent quality of service, professional working attitude, and excellent results, this is something that Prestige delivered right from the beginning.

The staff at Prestige were a massive joy to work with alongside our latest compaign and I cannot fault any of their work. They delivered top results on a tight deadline.

Kesslers are committed to working with businesses that achieve the best in their field. I'm excited to work with Prestige in the near future. on our next big project.
Emmalene Joseph
Kesslers International
These guys are simply amazing. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

It’s only a 5 star review because that’s the maximum I could select. I would give them more all day long.

It’s brilliant to see a small, private UK business doing such great work. I will be delighted to spend more money with them in the future.

I am very fussy to say the very least and I cannot fault a single thing. The finish on the parts that were painted and or carbon printed is like glass.
Jamie Stephenson
Private Customer

Fields of expertise

Interior Design

Customisation for interior design is endless, flock, hydrographics, and paint. It’s your choice!

Visual Merchandising

The placement of products for retail is important, we can make your display super striking!

Bespoke Paintwork

Don’t fancy flock or hydrographics? Choose a bespoke paint solution instead.


We’re able to incorporate all of our solutions within automotive; cars, bikes, trikes, and more!

Film, TV & Theatre

With a knowledge of set design, we know how important it is to dress the set.


Creating intuitive designs for consumers’ and retailers alike. 

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Why work with

In the past few years, we’ve worked with some large big name brands and this has helped shape us into what we are today! Working with these large brands has enabled us to better understand Hydrographics, and Flocking and the needs of application – this further enables us to deliver exceptional quality, and outstanding service. Being the supplier of choice in our field, customisation is in our nature and we deliver big results!

We work alongside your creative, design, and VM teams to create something unique, meaningful, and intuitive for your products, displays, and most importantly, your customers!

We are currently working in partnership with Selfridges, Kesslers International, and Brompton. Developing new ideas, designs, and concepts to move forward into 2019.

Our state-of-the-art facility in Greater Manchester is where the magic happens and our incredibly skilled and experienced team offer exceptional quality, quick turn-around times with durable, and high quality finishes along with cost-effective solutions.

Grand Piano
Selfridges Window Display
Window Display (Balmain) cont.
flip guard
Floor Unit

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